Brown Packaging helps businesses create customized boxes from concept to completion. With our expertise, vendors, and capabilities we will be able to provide you the most value in packaging solutions. Maximize your product’s efficiency in cost, logistics, marketability, sustainability, and more with our full selection of custom packaging options. 

Boxes are made up with sturdy and highly durable material known as "corrugated", which is often mistakened for "cardboard." Corrugated boxes are used everyday by all industries for shipping and product display purposes. 





Whether you are looking to package appliances, bikes, toys, cosmetics, electronics, food, or any other products, we can address all of your custom packaging needs, while ensuring that you are compliant to any shipping, government, or retail requirements. In addition to your custom boxes, we can provide you with custom foam, inserts, or partitions to fit your product. Here is a list of our most popular custom boxes, but are not limited to: 

RSC Boxes (Regular Slotted Container)
Regular slotted container boxes have a strong and versatile construction, making them ideal for a great variety of shipping and packaging needs. RSCs can be the perfect customized packaging for your needs. A custom shipping box can help improve your branding, secure your product, and maximize palletization.
HSC Boxes (Half Slotted Container)
An HSC corrugated box is also called a half slotted carton, and is similar to an RSC box with the exception of having an open top. HSC enable users to have quick access to managing a box’s content. Custom container and lid options are available. 

Telescopic Boxes
Telescopic boxes consist of two pieces that fold into one complete box—most well known as ‘shoeboxes’. Due to its overlapping construction, this style boxes provide extra protection for the product inside, making a great custom shipping box.

Mailer Boxes
Mailer Boxes are one piece of corrugated, expertly assembled by our engineers to fold into itself, sealing completely. Mailer boxes are incredibly sturdy and do not use excess materials such as tape or glue. Custom shipping boxes can boost brand recognition, increase repeat ordering, and fix packaging issues.

One of the most popular types of mailer boxes are Tuck Top Mailers. Tuck top mailers (TTM) are great packaging options for cost efficient, customizable, and easy to use. 

Five Panel Folders (FPF)
Five Panel Folders are one piece boxes with an overlapping top and overlapping end panels. Generally they are used to accommodate long products.

Corrugated POP Display
Maximize the way you promote and display your products with fully custom POP displays. We offer a wide range of display options such as: floor, pallet, endcap, powerwing, dump bin, pallet skirts, counter tops, and PDQ trays.

Bin Boxes
Bin boxes are mainly used for storage of small items on shelves. They are open top style and designed as self-locking.

Other Custom Boxes: die cut boxes, gaylord boxes, record storage boxes, garment boxes, printer boxes,  folding cartons, rigid boxes, and more.





Brown Packaging can help you create your ideal corrugated box to promote, protect, and display your products. As a result, we can offer you a variety of material options that can bring your products desired features.

Fully Customizable Packaging
We work with clients in making their packaging unique to their brand and products
this includes structural designdigital printand graphic design

Product Protection
The best corrugated boxes are performance rated by ASTM International's Standards for their most important function—protecting the product inside— and are based on ISTA requirements

Work with us in maximizing the level of protection, safety, and reliability with the correct level of corrugated material thickness, board type (single/double/triple wall), and flute styles (A B, E, F, and N). Different flute styles and board tests in Mullen or ECT (Edge Crush Test) will provide the selection to choose the best fit for your product's requirement.

Branding and Product Exposure
Communicate your brand to your audience by including your graphics, logo, product and company information, brand colors, disclaimers, and more.

Sustainability Options
Go green with your ecommerce packaging with our environment friendly packaging materials








Brown Packaging serves medium to large companies throughout the United States with packaging solutions. If you are interested in packaging solutions, then contact us today.

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