Whether you are looking for foam inserts or extra protection for your products, Brown Packaging can offer you custom foam packaging solutions. We’ve worked with our clients from many different industries over the past 30 years from concept to completion. Partner with us today to get started with the right design and foam specifications to meet your product and brand’s needs.





We offer our clients a wide range of foam options in all shapes and sizes. Ultimately, it will all depend on your product. We have partnered with numerous vendors throughout the United States that will enable us to help you with the most complex foam projects. Here are list of the most popular foam products asked by our clients, but are not limited to:

Electronic Packaging (cameras, TVs, laptops, accessories, end caps, and more): Durable, strong, and protective.
Medical Packaging (medical devices, equipment, end caps, and electrical defense): Sterile, stain resistant, shock absorption, and durable.
Industrial Packaging (sharp objects, heavy equipment, and electronic devices): Resilient, shock absorption, and abrasion resistant.
Consumer Goods/Retail (wine, glass, hardware, coolers, and more): Lightweight, indefinite shelf-life, dense options, and multiple colors.




Polyurethane, polyethylene, and expanded polystyrene are the most popular types of foam used amongst all industries from our clients, but are not limited to
Polyurethane Foam (Ethers & Esters)
Description: very resilient and durable foam that can come in a variety of colors and density. 
Examples: Computers, laptops, hard drives, and auto parts.
Advantages: Vibration and compression protection, flexible, light-weight, conductive, color variation, and cushioning properties.
Polyethylene Foam
Description: superior durability, odorless, no liquid absorption, buoyant shock absorption and abrasion resistant foam.
Examples: Athletic/recreational equipment, agriculture, construction, medical and electronic devices, and industrial applications. 
Advantages: Vibration and compression protection, resilient, light-weight, heat sealable, indefinite shelf-life, anti-static, and cushioning properties.
Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) - Styrofoam
Description: can be shaped to a specific size and shape, this foam offers high compression and thermal properties.
Examples: displays, inner package support, box liners, and pads
Advantages: void filling, light weight, moisture barrier, indefinite shelf-life, and insulating properties.




Brown Packaging serves medium to large companies throughout the United States with packaging solutions. If you are interested in foam packaging solutions, then contact us today.


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