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We provide businesses with a wide selection of fully customizable poly bags (also known as plastic bags) and solutions to help address all of their packaging needs. Partner with us in improving your product’s efficiency in cost, logistics, marketability, sustainability, and more with our full selection of product features and options.

Brown Packaging can customize your poly bags to better promote and reflect your brand: logo, company information, colors, in addition to your product’s specifications: size, shape, and design.




Whether you are in the ecommerce, food, retail, medical, or industrial industry, we can provide you with all the necessary features and designs for your poly bag products. In addition, we can ensure that your packaging is retail, or FDA compliant.  Here is a list of our most popular custom bags, but are not limited to:

Flat Bags
Flat bags are the standard type of poly bags, they have a bottom seal and a top that can be heat sealed, tied, stapled, taped closed or left open. These bags are used in a variety of industries including food, electronics, and medical. 

Gusset bags are expandable, which allow for greater room capacity for packaging products. These bags can be heat sealed, stapled, or taped closed. They are ideal for storing medical equipment, electronics, food, and other items.

Re-closeable bags provide end users with extra value and convenience by allowing them to repackage their products for protection and storage purposes. Great for packaging food products, electrical devices, and hardware. 

Retail Shopping Bags
Get customized shopping bags that are plastic, paper, or meshed with logo, brand design, and more. Handle options available such as die cut, draw cord, zip, and snap seal.

Poly tubing comes in a wide range of sizes which makes it useful when bagging odd-shaped products such as screws, nails, zip ties, and other items. It is ideal for storing food, electronics, medical, and hardware products.

Protect your electronic devices and equipment with custom anti-static bags. These bags can be open ended or re-closable with custom print options and sizes available. 

Poly Mailers (Shipping Bags)
Poly mailers are recyclable, lightweight, and fully customizable.  They are great for shipping and handling due to them being tear proof, waterproof, and self-sealing. Poly mailers are typically used for non-fragile products such as clothing and soft goods.





Brown Packaging helps businesses customize their poly bag products to better protect, promote, ship, and display their products. Our services include flexo-print, graphic design, and fulfillment services.

With flexo print, we have the capabilities of producing a high quality prints up to 8 colors on flexible packaging materials such as plastic. We can random or register print custom designs, logos, and other content on your poly bag products.

Graphic Design
Brown Packaging can help you promote your product with graphic design. We can add, edit, and create artwork that you want to add to your package.

We get your products ready for the end users by assembly, kitting, and fulfillment. Our services include: in-bound and out-bound freight, database management, warehousing, assembly, fulfillment and least cost shipping alternatives.

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Brown Packaging serves medium to large companies throughout the United States with packaging solutions. If you are interested in packaging solutions, then contact us today.

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