Brown Packaging helps businesses create customized pouches from concept to completion. With our expertise, vendors, and capabilities we will be able to help your product stand out on the shelf. Whether you are in the food industry, retail industry, cosmetics, or any other industry, we will be able to provide a wide range of product options and features to fit your product’s need and brand.




Brown Packaging can customize your pouches to better promote and reflect your brand: logo, company information, colors, in addition to your product’s specifications: size, shape, and design.


Stand Up Pouches: are durable with a long shelf life. Typically, they are recommended for products that contain liquids, solids, and powders. In addition, many companies value stand up pouches for their products due to them being environmentally-friendly and consumer convenient. 

Flat Pouches: are often used for products that provide consumers a single size serving. For example, snacks, coffee, beauty supplies, and more. Ultimately, these pouches are designed to lay flat on a shelf. 

Side Gusseted Pouches: are designed with a fold which enable them to expand. This design allows you fill the pouch with more product. These pouches are normally used a lot with snacks, powders, nuts, coffee, and other products (shown below on left).

Block Bottom Pouches: offer the benefits of both gusset and stand up pouches. With its design you are able to store larger quantities while a bag maintains its stand up position.

Stick-pack and Sample Pouches: Stick-pack are created with superior sealing capabilities which allows it to block oxygen and moisture from entering.





Depending on your product’s needs we will determine which features your pouch will have and what materials we will use. Here are some materials we use to create pouches but are not limited to: polyethylene, polyproplene, metalized polypropylene, polyester, nylon, metallized PET, and foils.

Digital Printed
Print and design your pouch with necssary branding and product information.

Finishing Options
Metalized, matte, soft touch matte, metalized, and gloss. 

Transparent Packaging
Pouches can be designed to allow consumers to see what is inside your package.

Film Types
Recyclable, metalized films, high barrier, clear barrier, white barrier, and specialty.
Pouch Size
We offer a wide variety of pouch sizes to fit your product’s needs.

Vapor Barriers
Block unnecessary moisture, and odors from entering or leaving the package.

Damage Resistant
Packaging can be designed to be durable to avoid damage on transit, shelf, or with customer interaction.

Shelving Friendly
Pouches can be designed to stand up or hang from holes.

Tear Notches
Improve the ease of use of opening a pouch with tear notches. 




Brown Packaging serves medium to large companies throughout the United States with packaging solutions. If you are interested in pouch packaging solutions, then contact us today.

(714) 300-0650 or Email:
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