Brown Packaging provides businesses with a wide selection of custom printed labels to help them achieve their business goals. From concept to completion, we can help you create a result driven custom label to improve your products marketability and supply chain management. Partner with us today to address all of your custom labeling needs.

We provide custom printed labels for all industries including: Retail, Ecommerce, Food, Medical, Electronics, Industrial, and Cosmetics.






Your product and business goals will help us determine the best type of custom labels you will need. Here is our selection of custom label products, but are not limited to:

Roll Labels
Roll labels can be quickly printed and produced with limited waste. These labels are very popular because they can be conveniently used by hand, dispensers, and automatic applicators. 

Sheet Labels
Create professionally printed custom sheet labels with your logo, brand colors, content and more.  Good for product labeling.

Thermal Labels
Thermal labels use heat to create an image. We offer two forms of thermal printing options: direct thermal and thermal transfer. 

Direct thermal printed labels generally have a longer shelf life than thermal transfer. However, they are fragile to heated environments, sunlight and abrasions. Sustainability options available. 

Unlike direct thermal, thermal transfer applications can withstand harsh environments and outdoor applications. These labels are great for barcode/product identity and long term image stability. 





Brown Packaging can help you create your ideal labels to better promote, protect, ship, and display your products.

Material Options & Finishes
Our material options include brown kraft, white paper, vinyl and lamination. We can finish your label with gloss or matte.

Custom Sizes & Dimensions
We can create custom shapes and sizes for your labels.

Print Options
 We can run your custom label needs up to a 10 color print with digital or flexo machines

Our printer applications include pinfeed, laser, thermal transfer, or direct thermal.




Brown Packaging serves medium to large companies throughout the United States with packaging solutions. If you are interested in packaging solutions, then contact us today.


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