From concept to completion, we help businesses create custom rigid boxes (also known as set-up boxes) with a wide range of product options and features to better promote, display, and protect their products. Custom rigid boxes provide products with extra protection and a more high-end presentation. Brown Packaging can customize your boxes to better promote and reflect your brand: logo, company information, colors, in addition to your product’s specifications: size, shape, and design.

We help businesses in all industries including: Retail, Cosmetics, Electronics, and Medical create custom rigid boxes that improve their brand’s image, product visibility, value, and more.






Create a unique rigid box that reflects your brand and connects with your customers. We can help get your packaging retail and compliant ready. In addition, we can also provide you with other packaging products such as inserts, plastic trays, custom windows and foam. Add value and promote your product the way you envision it with our selection of custom rigid box styles.

Two Pieces
A two piece box style is the most common type of rigid box. It can be a separate bottom and lid, or fully telescopic. They are reliable, sturdy, and consumer friendly.

Collapsible rigid boxes provide consumers with a more personalized and fun experience. These boxes are made to be foldable and highly customizable. In addition, these products cost less to ship and store due to their foldable features.

Match/Slide Style
Match or slide style boxes consist of two components: the sleeve and the box tray. These boxes are simple to use and often referred to as match box, slipcase box, or book slipcase.

Book Style
Book style boxes are structured to function and display your product in a book like container. They are very sturdy and high quality, and can provide you with a wide range of customization options with printing, designs, and inserts.

Magnetic Lock
Magnetic lock boxes provide many of our clients’ products with extra protection and prestige over their competition.

Other Rigid Box Styles: hinged/flip lid, shoulder/neck, round shaped, and one piece.



Custom Rigid Box Services


Receive one on one consultation from concept to completion with our project specialist, so you can make the best and informed decisions for your product’s needs. Here are the services we offer tailored to rigid boxes.

  Fully Customizable Packaging
We work with clients in making their packaging unique to their brand and products
this includes structural designdigital printand graphic design

Coatings and Finishes
Improve your product’s appearance and attraction with a custom finish and coating. We offer a variety of finishes including: UV, metallic, gloss, matte, soft touch lamination, and more.

Branding and Product Exposure
Communicate your brand to your audience by including your graphics, logo, product and company information, brand colors, disclaimers, and more.

Sustainability Options
Go green with your ecommerce packaging with our environment friendly packaging materials.

Retailer Ready & Government Compliant
Depending on where and what you are selling will require you to meet certain retail requirements or government regulations. As a result, we can customize your product to be compliant to any party.






Brown Packaging serves medium to large companies throughout the United States with packaging solutions. If you are interested in packaging solutions, then contact us today.

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