Brown Packaging is a one stop packaging solution provider for the Food industry. From concept to completion we work with you to get your ideal custom food packaging that protects your customers and products, while promoting your brand. We can offer you a wide range of product options, features, and services to address all of your packaging needs including FDA and government regulations, and retail requirements.





Whether you are packaging cookies, candies, beverages, supplements, or other food products, we can address all of your packaging needs. Brown Packaging can customize your food packaging to better promote and reflect your brand: logo, company information, colors, in addition to your product’s specifications: size, shape, and design. Here are a list of our most popular custom packaging products for the food industry, but not limited to:


Shipping Boxes
Create a fully customized box that you can ship to your customers or business partners. We can provide you a variety of options to maxmize your product's protection, while reducing shipping and handling.

Product Boxes
Display your products with style and purpose with custom boxes designed for your products. We can offer you a wide variety of features and options to help you promote your products. Display options available: floor, pallet, shelf, counter top and other displays available.

Custom Pouches
Store, display, and promote your product with custom pouches. Stand-up, flat, side gusset, block bottom, and other pouches available with a wide range of features and options.

Folding Cartons
We offer a variety of folding carton styles, features, and sizes to help you bring out the best for your packaging and product needs.

Roll Stock
Package your food products in several layers of customizable laminated film. Roll stock is an ideal packaging solution for candy bars, snack bars, and other small food items.

Plastic Trays
Plastic trays (also known as thermoform trays) are widely used to store and protect food from contamination. Trays are high leak resistant, durable, and are tightly sealed. 

Other Packaging Products: displays, rigid boxes, thermoform trays, mailers, custom bags, inserts, and more.


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Brown Packaging can help you create your ideal food packaging to promote, protect, and display your products. As a result, we can offer you a variety of material options that can bring your products desired features.

Fully Customizable Packaging
We work with clients in making their packaging unique to their brand and products
this includes structural designdigital printand graphic design

Coatings and Finishes
Improve your product’s appearance and attraction with a custom finish and coating. We offer a variety of finishes including: UV, metallic, gloss, matte, soft touch lamination, and more.

Branding and Product Exposure
Communicate your brand to your audience by including your graphics, logo, product and company information, brand colors, disclaimers, and more.

Sustainability Options
Go green with your ecommerce packaging with our environment friendly packaging materials.











Brown Packaging serves medium to large companies throughout the United States with packaging solutions. If you are interested in packaging solutions, then contact us today.







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