Brown Packaging provides businesses with aesthetic graphic design and solutions that not only help products to stand out from the competition, but to increase the product’s sales. Our creative packaging is tailored to fit correctly to any packaging, unlike other generic graphic designers. Partner with us in creating a unique artwork for your packages that reflects your brand’s identity and attracts your customers. 
Graphic design is ideal for any custom packaging product. It is used by many industries including: Food, Beverage, Cosmetic, Retail, and Ecommerce.



From concept to completion, we work one on one with our clients in creating a visual concept that can communicate our client’s brand identity, product features, company and information, and more. Here is just some ways we can create your packaging graphics:
Create layout of the design
Add or edit lines, shapes, colors, value, form, texture, and space
Font and size selection
Logo and image upload and editing
Customized text
Sampling and prototypes
Graphic concepts and revisions



Graphic design can pretty much be applied to any part of a package including the interior, exterior of a package, and inserts. Here are a list of products we can apply a custom design to, but are not limited to:

We can create your packaging with colors, logos, and other content and directly apply it to your corrugated packaging with precision. No tools or plates required. Traditional and digital printing options are available.
Get your displays retail ready and attract your customers with high quality and professional graphic design.
Create a unique folding carton that visually connects with your customers.
Display your pouches with all of your product and company information, graphics, and other content.
Other Packaging Applications: roll stock, labels, mailers, tubes, printed tapes, blister packs, and rigid boxes.





Unlike other graphic design companies, our services are tailored to packaging. This enable us to avoid the costly mistake of applying graphics that do not correctly fit to packages. For example, the graphics need to be adjusted to the right size and dimensions to fit the packaging, if not, then your end product may not meet your expectations. Save time and money by going with Brown Packaging for your packaging all of your designs. Graphic design is one of the most used services in custom packaging. Don’t ignore the benefits on how creative and unique packaging can help your product from standing out. 

1. Promotes brand identity
2. Increases brand awareness
3. Improved custom experience
4. Accelerates purchasing decisions
5. Reflects the value of your product
6. It connects with your customers



Brown Packaging serves medium to large companies throughout the United States with packaging solutions. If you are interested in packaging solutions, then contact us today.
Phone: (714) 300-0650 or
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