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Our experienced sales team members are eager to implement a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program that fits to your personal needs. We have several different programs that allow you to choose the right fit for your system. We believe that implementing the right program and taking away the planning and inventory load from you will be an important piece of our long-term partnership.


How We Help

Brown Packaging’s staff has the expertise and resources to adapt to any lean manufacturing program you hope to implement into your inventory management system. We have worked with partners who have adopted Kanban programs, the 5S methodology, and value stream mapping techniques. Whether you have a specific vision you want your inventory management to adhere to or you want our experienced advice, Brown Packaging can help you manage your inventory at maximum efficiency.



Brown Packaging is excited to manage your inventory at your own facilities, so you don’t have to. We’ll handle all aspects of inventory management to help you maintain an organized and adequately stocked facility. Our years of inventory management expertise will allow us to provide you with efficient and cost-effective management while also providing invaluable insight. Let Brown Packaging help you with our VMI vendor managed inventory services.

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