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Brown Packaging can provide you with a “Just In Time” delivery system so that you can use your warehouse and manufacturing space for better use by letting us hold your excess products. We can eliminate the cost and problems of storing hundreds of different items for weeks or months in your warehouse by holding them in our warehouse before you need them.


We offer fast and efficient delivery whenever you need your order, and our years of expertise can be instrumental in creating a money and resource saving service for you.



Our experienced staff will put your objectives and requirements into a thorough analysis so that we can provide you JIT inventory management to help you run more economically. Our program will allow you to delegate your warehouse operations for other purposes than storing excess goods, which we will keep organized in our warehouse ready to ship whenever you need them.


Our JIT inventory management service can be useful for any business hoping to save time, money, and focus on more important responsibilities than storing excess product.


Let Us Help

Let your warehouse work for you with active products, while we keep your inactive and excess products in our warehouse until you need them. With our JIT inventory management and warehousing experience, you will only have the products you need at any given time; these benefits will help your company run more profitably and efficiently.

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