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Kraft RSC Boxes are the staple corrugated shipping boxes used in cost efficient packaging solutions. Corrugated RSC boxes are often used as master shippers to create cost-effective & protective packaging to ship products from you to your customer. Nearly all packaging solutions will use an RSC as the master shipper and our wide selection of sizes will help you find the perfect one for your product. If a custom size is needed, our custom corrugated RSCs can be designed to fit your product perfectly.

If you ship your product to customers with UPS or Fedex, we have a large selection of shipping boxes that can fit your needs. You can buy large cardboard boxes for shipping and for storage at a low cost and a great fit with our kraft RSCs. We can help you navigate the difficult requirements for shipping box dimensions with our cardboard box size charts and our experienced salespeople. Contact us if you aren't able to find exactly what you need!

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