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Shrink film, plastic shrink wrap and skin film protect, secure and keep your product clean while maintaining the professional appearance you desire. We have an extensive selection of shrink and skin film ideal for any packaging need you may have. Our stock of well-known brands represent the kinds of plastic shrink wrap and skin film that are instrumental in protecting and sealing your product.

There are a variety of choices in our selection of plastic shrink wrap products: PVC, Polyolefin, and Polyethylene shrink as well as bundling film and skin film. These materials are available in different length and thickness to fit any need. We also carry shrink film equipment that can streamline your filming process to increase efficiency when using plastic shrink wrap.

We offer three different types of Shrink Film to meet your unique business needs:

  •          Skin Film

o   Skin film, or skin packaging, is used primarily for shipping purposes. It is draped over the product, vacuumed, and heated, creating a protective and attractive layer for shipping.

  •          PVC Shrink Film

o   PVC, or Polyvinyl Chloride, is one of the most commonly used plastics in the world—and its shrink film fits nearly every business application.

  •          Polyolefin Film

o   Suitable for food products, industrial packaging, and other consumer goods—this polymer is a universal shrink wrap that also fits any commercial shrink wrap need. 

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Shrink Tunnel Equipment



We also offer cutting edge shrink film equipment, aimed at increasing the efficiency of your business processes. We offer L-Bar Sealers, Shrink Tunnels, and Complete Systems. 

Brown Packaging also offers Shrink Film Equipment to help your organization increase your speed of production, economies of scale, and accuracy when producing plastic film. We offer the following models:

           Model                                                                                                                 Model #

L-bar Sealers


Shrink Tunnels


Complete Systems


Our L-Bar Sealers feature speeds that approach the top-level of fully automatic sealers, and are designed to handle complex and demanding shrink film productions that are not possible within the bounds of automatic processing equipment. They are equipped with a straight line product flow and a stable commodity feed that make them ideal for a great variety of products. 

The Shrink Tunnel Systems offered by Brown Packaging boast industry leading consistency, application and capabilities. The efficient heating systems offered in our models create a tight and leak-proof fit around any type of desired packaging. Our shrink tunnels have been used in nearly every industry--including the food and beverage industries, household appliance and equipment, and in other industrial and commercial applications. 

We also offer Complete Systems which offer your business the increased economies of scale of packaging and managing your own shrink wrap procedures. These systems include both L-Bar Sealers and Shrink Tunnels, and offer the entrepreneurial  businessman or businesswoman the highest economies of scale for producing your own shrink film systems. 

Environmental Benefits 

Shrink Film contributes positively to the environment impact of shipping in several ways. Firstly, because of plastic film's exact match to the product--very little extra space is left. This saves on boxing products and processes. Also, because film in much lighter than other shipping methods and products, a great amount of fuel, and cost, is saved by the shipping company and business owner. 

Modern technologies have greatly increased the strength and made much thinner thicknesses to outperform traditional heavier gauge films. As a result, they are more sustainable on a large scale. 

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