Our product and packaging material testing provides our clients with quality assurance packaging solutions and the proper certifications to work with a desired club store and/or location. With Brown Packaging, you can gain peace of mind, while we work to get your products and material tested and certified. 
We provide product and packaging material testing for all industries including: Retail, Ecommerce, Electronic, Medical, and Industrial.




Work one on one with our project managers in determining what test and certifications you will need based on your business goals and product plans. Here are testing methods that we help our clients with:
Amazon Packaging
If you are looking to get your products on amazon then we can help you meet their requirements and quality standards. Frustration Free Packaging (FFP) is one of the main certifications our retail and ecommerce have looked for in the past that we can help you with.
Packaging and products are tested for durability by being dropped from various heights on different surfaces.  They will be tested separately and on pallets/crates to better stimulate a real scenario of a supply chain.
For shipping and handling purposes, your packaging will have to be tested for its durability of having objects stacked above it. Compression test is often used with vibration test.
Products and packaging are testing to see if they can withstand transportation by truck, trains, or by airplane with vibration tests.
Commonly associated with ASTM and ISTA standards, distribution test involves products and packaging being tested in a lab simulator of a distribution environment. This will ensure products will not be damaged at the distribution level of the product/package life.
Environmental Conditioning 
Environmental conditioning tests your product and packaging durability to withstand various environments such as desert, tropical, or cold environments.
Cold Chain or Thermal Testing
These tests are used for temperature sensitive products. In this test the product's integrity is put to the test to withstand unusual temperatures for a period of time.
Incline Impact
Incline impact test are used to measure the durability of a package to withstand an impact or force from an incline.
Horizontal Impact
Horizontal impact tests the durability of products and packaging material to withstand horizontal impacts. For example, impact from a forklift or truck dock.



Products must follow specific standards in order to be approved for transportation or to be put on a shelf at a store. Ultimately, packaging needs to be efficiently made for logistic, safety, and consumer purposes. Depending on what you are trying to achieve may determine which certifications and quality standards you must obtain. Here are the main regulatory standards that are recognized by club stores and governments: 

United Nations Department of Transportation (UN/DOT)




Brown Packaging serves medium to large companies throughout the United States with packaging solutions. If you are interested in packaging solutions, then contact us today.
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