• Sampling and Prototypes
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We provide our clients with quality assurance solutions designed to help them visually inspect and perfect their packaging. With our sampling and prototyping services, you will be able to make better informed decisions on your packaging, save time and money. Partner with us today and together we can maximize your packaging results and experience.



Work one on one with one of our project specialist, and together we can determine the best approach for creating your packaging samples and prototypes. Here are the most popular solutions we provide our clients:
Plain Sampling
Plain sampling is a cost effective way of evaluating your package’s structure, size, and material. However, it does not show visual prints of the package. We recommend plain sampling as an initial step on new items. 
Digital Sampling
Digital prints give you a more visual reputation of the artwork and structural design of a package. We recommend digital sampling when a finished product look is required. Digital samples provide a 90-95% visual representation of the actual end product. 
Production Sample
Product samples are taken right before commercializing a product. These samples provide our clients with a full scope of their package design, structure, and features. Production samples can be obtained at the beginning of the manufacturing, however they may be costly to produce because they require plates and tools.
Structure and Size Validation
Verify that your packaging fits your expectations and product, as these factors can affect your overall packaging results and cost. How efficient your product and packaging are shipped, handled, stored, used, displayed, and promoted should contribute to your decision of your packaging size and structure.
3-D Rendering
We can create a digital copy of your product to help you get a good visual representation of your packaging. 3-D rendering is ideal when there are more decision makers involved, it provides them the convenience and ease of reviewing samples and prototypes.
Additional Services
Depending on your business goals, we can also assist you with graphic designproduct and material testingstructural design, or alternative product options.





Brown Packaging recommends prototyping to ensure the best quality assurance and results possible in protecting, displaying, and promoting their products, while maintaining costs. Prototyping can provide you with many benefits such as:

Review and testing before making an investment.
Great for presentation purposes, gaining feedback, or creating concepts for the team.
Retail store buyers want to see samples of your product.
Make more informed and confident decisions.
Opportunity to adjust or improve your packaging.
Helps weigh your options against other packaging concepts.




At Brown Packaging, we have all the capabilities and resources of a large packaging supplier, while maintaining the flexibility and high level customer service of a small business. You should choose Brown Packaging because we will offer you these packaging solutions with a consultative approach.
Variety and Selection
Many of our customers want to find the right packaging for their product. With our capabilities we are able to walk you through a wide range of product options based on your product’s needs.
Concept to Completion
We provide our customers with peace of mind, we partner with you through the entire packaging process, which enables us to streamline the packaging process while getting your package retail or consumer ready.
Compliant Ready
Whatever industry you operate there are always certain regulations whether it’s packaging safety, shipping and handling, or some other requirements/law that need to be met. We partner with you in trouble-shooting any of these issues, so you do not have to worry about not meeting deadlines or being compliant.
One Stop Packaging Solutions
At Brown Packaging, we offer a wide range of packaging products and services. As a result, we can address all of your packaging needs.



Brown Packaging serves medium to large companies throughout the United States with packaging solutions. If you are interested in packaging solutions, then contact us today.
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