We provide businesses with innovative packing solutions in structural design that maximize your product and packaging results. Work with our team of structural design engineers in exploring a wide range of options and capabilities to limit material costs and improve your product’s protection and logistics. Let us know about your business goals and plans, as we can advise you on the right approach to meet retail requirements and government regulations.




From concept to completion, we work one on one with our clients in creating a structural concept that is ideal for their product’s marketability, display, and more. Here is just some ways we can help you with structural design:

Strategic Packaging Consultation
Get one on one consulting from one of our structural design experts help us understand your business goals and packaging needs. 
Recommendation of the best materials and visual appearance based on your project. 
Maximize your results by reducing material costs, creating a friendly consumer experience, and improving safety and logistics.
Pallet optimization: save money on freight space and minimize your shipping costs.
Address any government or retail requirements.

Structural Design & Engineering
Our structural design experts will create a custom packaging structure and dieline tailored to your product and business goals.
Proper material application to address any safety or product protection requirements or concerns.
Design for consumer ease of use.
Maximized for storage, handling, and shipping efficiency
Create a great first impression with your customers

Before we commercialize your packaging, we will test and validate your product through vigorous testing. This will enable us to deliver you the highest quality assurance possible while meeting your expectations.
3-D rendering capabilities: make informed decisions on a visual representation of your packaging.
Retail ready and government compliant.
Vibration, drop, compression, environmental, and thermal testing.
Prototypes and samples

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Structural design can be applied to many of our custom packaging products including: corrugated boxes, folding cartons, displays, foam, thermoform, rigid boxes, and blister packs. In addition, we can offer structural design for inserts, partitions, box cutouts, and more.




Brown Packaging serves medium to large companies throughout the United States with packaging solutions. If you are interested in packaging solutions, then contact us today.
Phone: (714) 300-0650 or
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