Today many consumers are often looking for more sustainable products to purchase, rather than the more affordable alternative that is less environment friendly. According to a global study by Nielsen, millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable products. However, they are not willing to sacrifice quality for sustainability.

At Brown Packaging, we are focused on providing innovative eco-friendly packaging solutions to our customers to create a better future without sacrificing on quality. Whether you are looking for stock or custom packaging products, we can limit your environment foot print with sustainable packaging materials that are recyclable, biodegradable or compostable.




Recyclable packaging consists of packaging materials that can be reused, usually after processing. These materials include: glass, paperboard, certain plastics and others. The purpose of recycling is to keep products away from landfills.

When it comes to sustainability, recycling is the most used term by consumers, the media, and probably even yourself.  Despite the popularity of recycling, more and more businesses are also looking in to biodegradable and compostable packaging solutions as an alternative.




For packaging to be biodegradable, its materials needs to be able to decompose into natural elements, at a certain time. Biodegradable products are designed to naturally breakdown within a landfill.

Compostable packaging is quite similar to biodegradable in which its materials can naturally decompose. However, compostable materials differ by breaking down quicker and adding nutrients back into the earth. In addition, compostable packaging is disposed of in designed compost piles. 

Ultimately, compostable packaging is a greener solution than biodegradable products.

Nevertheless, these two forms of packaging have been in growing demand in recent years as government regulations have pushed for sustainability as consumer perception to favor sustainable products has grown. As a result, retailers and other businesses need to adjust to their packaging requirements in order to do business.

Brown Packaging works with businesses from concept to completion in creating custom packaging that is retail and government compliant. We serve all industries in sustainability packaging solutions including: Food, Retail, Ecommerce, Cosmetics and Skincare.



We provide a wide selection of stock and custom packaging products that are environment friendly and fully customizable in branding, design, features, and more. Here are just some of the sustainable packaging products we offer, but are not limited to:

Corrugated Packaging
Corrugated material that is 100% recyclable. This is because corrugated material is made from wood pulp which makes it biodegradable. Our corrugated packaging includes: shipping boxes, display boxes, paper mailers, tuck top mailers, folding cartons, and more.

Plastic Packaging
We can offer you a wide selection of plastic sustainable options that are 100% recyclable including: poly bags, blister packs, clamshells, thermoform trays, labels, films, and more.

Let us know about your business goals and product plans as we provide you with recyclable, biodegradable and compostable material options.

products/custombagsandmailers/Untitled design (7).png


Brown Packaging has the capabilities of providing you a custom eco-friendly package solutions without sacrificing on quality, design or features. Here are just some ways we can help your package stand out from the competition:

Fully Customizable Packaging
We work with clients in making their packaging unique to their brand and products, this includes your products’ design, shape, size, and more. In addition, we can make your package to be reusable.

Branding and Product Exposure
We print your packages with non-toxic and soy based inks that are environment friendly ink. As a result, we can include your logo, brand colors, product features, sustainability information, and more.

Coatings and Finishes
Improve your products appearance and attraction with a custom finish and coating. We offer a variety of finishes including: matte and soft touch options.



Brown Packaging provides sustainability services to help you limit your carbon footprint on the planet by analyzing, measuring, and optimizing your product’s production, logistics, and useful life.

Limit the impact of your packaging’s carbon footprint with our recommendations on your packaging raw materials, structural design, graphic design, and creation.

Optimize your pallets space and use with our pallet optimization services and capabilities.

Transport your packaging safely and efficiently by maximizing the truck (storage) space and use.

Useful Life
We can create a durable product that can be recycled and reused multiple times.


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